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the border to the united states. many asian companies own major businesses throughout the city, like this retail sppg ll. and each yr, thousands of tous arm like helping make tourism the second-largest sector of british columbia's economy. all of these ements have created an increasedsian presence ancouver. the ho family business is thriving ankso this booming ast using toy's global communication systems, david closes many of his deals by fax and phone with clients still in hong kong and taiwan. o.( cell(pspeang cnese ator dalynsctes they tgrprearc offered by their designs. but the hos are worried about the strict new rules now in place over house size and style. they are not sure their business can withstand the conflict of cultures. here the diaspora from europe is meeting a new diaspora. we are, in a sense, in a borderland, a meeting place between great international influences-- the age of the atlantic and the age of the pacific, europe and asia. and they're meeting more broadly they'rein this region.s city, or: the siuidenear this english tudor exterior did not appeal to toda
illegally into the united states. ofte those hopes are arreste manyre at the border.o. man: ahora lista pont la mano en frente... narrator the u.s. i.n.s., or immigration and naturalization service, records each apprehension on standard forms, including one entrywith hid: it was the migrants' home towns inexico. that's whabringseographe richard jones tohe i.n it was the migrants' home towns with a novel reseaplan. jones knows that economic conditions vary greatly om region to region in mexico. he suspects that some places drive out-- or "push"-- many more migrants to the u.s. than others. his investigation begins inly90s aris hom inanoniotes. his ijos lieveson begins many secrets are stored in i.n.s. files like tse. can they reveal where most migrants come om? can the answers help both countries keep more ople ahome? cjones sampless every tenth record, writing down the area of origin within mexico. back in his office at the university of texas, he enters the values into a map of mexico. jones marks in blue the wnships that send an above-arage number of migrantso e u.s. jonea pattern emerges
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)